We are looking for a media-manager.

  • 7th November 2017 at 09:49 #947
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    Dirk Joris
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    Wait… Wait.. Yeah, it takes to long for news being added on our facebook page, website etc…
    You got the time? We are looking for a media-manager. We would like someone to take control over our facebook, website and post things happening in the guild that mather!
    Keep people posted about votes, changes etc. But also celebrate special day’s, B-day’s of our guildies, boss kills, special events and so on!
    Do you think you got it in you to spend a bit of time on this? You are able to create little stories in good english? Please let me (aba) know in game, so we can boost our social media to the next lvl.
    PS: Social media we wanna use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagra & twitch for sure 😉
    Games we have clans for: Diablo3, Destiny2, WoW

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